Preparing for Your Visit

How much time?

Because I want to create a supportive, nurturing environment for you and your baby, I recommend planning about 2 hours for our visit. Usually we can wrap things up after about 90 minutes, but I never like to rush a baby who needs extra attention and time.


I will need you to provide information to me in advance of our visit so that I can make the most effective and most efficient use of our time together.


We will have time to talk, feed and come up with a plan. If I arrive and your baby is ready to eat, we’ll do that first. If not, we’ll talk first, then feed. If baby is hungry before I arrive, try giving half a feed.


Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Pyjamas are fine! A breastfeeding bra / top or shirt that opens down the front is best for easy access when it is time to feed or for skin-to-skin with your baby.


If you’ve been using a breast pump, bottle, nipple shield or other breastfeeding tools, have them available and ready as we may need them during the visit. It’s also helpful for me to see what you’ve been using and for us to talk about what’s working for you.


If you’ve been supplementing or have been advised to supplement, have some expressed milk, donor milk or formula ready.

Private Health Insurance

You may be eligible for a rebate, depending on your insurer and plan. I’ll provide you with an invoice / receipt for you to submit a claim.

Follow up email

I’ll email you within a day or so after your consultation to provide further information specific to your needs.


It’s great if you can write a list of questions before I come, so that we make sure we cover all your needs during the visit.


Don’t worry about cleaning! I’m visiting to help you and your baby, not as a guest.


If you have an older child, it’s ideal if someone is available to help care for them during our visit. If needed. I’m happy to work our visit around the needs of your children.


I’m comfortable with all kinds of pets. Cocker spaniels, chickens, rabbits…..