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About Your Visit

Preparing for your visit


If your baby is hungry before I arrive, try giving half a feed. If your baby is ready to eat when I arrive, we’ll do that first. If not, we’ll talk first, then feed. During your consult, we will have time to talk, feed and come up with a plan.


Wear whatever you’re comfortable in. Pyjamas are fine! A breastfeeding bra / top or shirt that opens down the front is best for easy access when it’s time to feed or for skin-to-skin with your baby.


If you’ve been using a breast pump, bottle, nipple shield or other breastfeeding tools, have them ready (or bring them with you) as we may need them during the visit, and it’s helpful for me to see what you’ve been using.


If you’ve been supplementing or have been advised to supplement, have some expressed breastmilk, donor milk or formula ready.


It’s great if you can write a list of concerns and questions before I come, so that we can cover all your needs during the visit.


If you have an older child, it’s ideal if someone is available to help care for them during our visit, but I’m happy to work our visit around the needs of your children.


Your partner or support person is welcome to be with you. It’s a great opportunity for them to understand what you need and how they can support you.


Don’t worry about cleaning! I’m visiting to help you and your baby, not as a guest.


I’m comfortable with all kinds of pets. Cocker spaniels, chickens, rabbits…..

About your Consultation

What can I expect at an appointment?

A consultation will usually involve:

  • General medical and health history
  • Breast and nipple assessment
  • Breastfeeding assessment and history
  • Oral examination of infant
  • Assessment of baby well-being
  • Development of a mutually agreed feeding and management plan

After the consultation, I provide:

  • Payment receipt
  • Email with notes on your consultation (within 24 hours)
  • Referral to additional care providers as agreed
  • Follow up text message to check-in
  • 15 minute follow phone call if required for further support
  • Personalised resources specific to your needs

All resources provided are for educational purposes only, although every effort is made to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
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How long is a consultation?

Your appointment is usually 90 minutes because I want to ensure you and your baby get the support, information and unhurried time you need.
When breastfeeding concerns are complicated, we may need extra time: to troubleshoot what’s happening and identify the possible causes, discuss the options available to you, and develop a plan that’s going to work with your family.
Extra time means that we can develop a comprehensive plan that you can be confident in. I’ll let you know during our appointment if I feel we may need more time and you can decide if that suits you. There may be times when I may not be able to accommodate extra time if I have another appointment or personal obligations.

Can you see me in my home?

I provide in-home consultation.
Please contact me on 0417 125 454 to enquire.

How soon can I get an appointment?

I can usually see you within a day to two.
Please contact me on 0417 125 454 to check availability.

Do I need a referral?

No, you don’t need a referral.

How many appointments will I need?

My aim is to develop your self-sufficiency and confidence.
I provide personalised consultations, so many families find that they are able to get the support they need in fewer appointments.
Most mothers find that one appointment is sufficient, although each feeding issue is unique and some more challenging than others.
How many appointments you’ll need really depends on the type and complexity of issues you’re dealing with.
After the initial consultation, you decide if and when you’d like a follow-up visit or call.

I saw a lactation specialist after giving birth but I am still having problems. How will an appointment with someone else benefit me?

Sometimes all it takes to help a mother and baby get started with successful feeding is some basic support. For some families, basic breastfeeding support is not enough. And every health professional has their own approach.
Even if you’ve already seen a lactation specialist, if you’re still dealing with challenges that aren’t resolving, then additional support is highly recommended!
I will work with you to develop a plan that suits your current needs.

Can you help me with my new born or toddler?

I can help with your breastfeeding challenges at any age.

Terms & Policies

I practice within the scope of my professional qualifications and according to the professional standards and code of professional conduct for an IBCLC.

Your Wellbeing

I’m a member of your health care team, and will provide evidence-based recommendations for your breastfeeding concerns.
If you’re concerned about your general health, or that of your child, consult with your GP or health care provider, considering your individual situation.
The ethics of my profession do not allow me to offer you any specific clinical care until we’ve had a consultation.

Your Consent

A consultation may require physical touch with hands-on assistance when you’re feeding, or if assessment of your breasts is necessary, and I may also need to hold your baby during your baby’s oral assessment.
I will ask your permission at those times.

Your Privacy

I document relevant information during your consultation and store your record appropriately. If you object to me documenting your information, please inform me immediately.
If a referral is needed to other health professionals or specialist, and agreed to by you, I’ll provide the relevant information that they require.
I maintain confidentiality of all clients I see, and will not disclose or confirm that you have utilised services from Geelong Breastfeeding Support without your permission.

Illness and Cancellation

I see many newborns and families and strive to protect them from exposure to illness.
If anyone in your household has been unwell, including fever, diarrhoea or vomiting, within the last 24 hours, please reschedule. There will be no cancellation fee applied to illness cancellations.
However, if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours without reasonable notification or cause, a cancellation fee may be applied.